Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting ready............

Finals are winding down, and Christmas is on the horizon.  Students are about to head home for the holidays and well-deserved rest and time with families.   We wish them safe journeys and happy times in the days ahead.

Back on campus, I'm putting the final touches on our preparations for the tour which departs January 9.  When students return following the New Year, they will have a few days of very heavy rehearsals led by Dr. Bruce Amman.  Dr. John Pennington will lead the lecture portion of the program that will intersperse rehearsals.   These few days will be busy and full ones - all in earnest for our departure and concert tour of Egypt!    Please plan to join the Band for their "Farewell Concert" which will be held on Friday, January 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the Brandon Valley Performing Arts Center.   You will have a wonderful chance to hear the concert that has been prepared for the Egyptian audiences as well as the opportunity to send the Band off on their adventure.

In the office, and with the help of Ron Rolland and DeAnne Syed of Seminars International, we'll be finalizing Delta Airlines luggage requirements (how much will they really charge us for all this stuff?) and other details that are required for a safe and worry-free journey.  Half of the group departs from Sioux Falls International Airport (well...gee...) while the other half departs from Minneapolis.  This requires two buses from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis and two separate flights from there to Kennedy Airport in New York City.   The Sioux Falls group ends up in NYC as well and then we all are together on a non-stop, 11 hour Delta flight from JFK to Cairo.  But oh, when we arrive what wonders await......................

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  1. 11 hour flight from JFK to Cairo...that sounds like an adventure in and of itself. I hope the Nook helps pass the time.