Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back to the future..........

I'm not sure why I chose this title for today's blog - it just sort of jumped up there.   How does one describe a day where you wake up in a modern hotel, have a wonderful breakfast, climb on a super-deluxe motor coach, then step back into time?  

Our goal today was twofold:  first, to head out to the town of Abydos to see the temples dedicated to the god Osiris and second, to board our "boatel" or Nile Cruise Ship to begin our cruise down the Nile toward Aswan.
Little did we know that the six hour (three up and three back) drive would be one of the highlights of our trip!

It didn't take long to leave Luxor behind us, and since we knew we were driving north three hours (and along the Nile for most of the journey), I guess we assumed that we'd be on a highway of sorts - maybe even a four lane one - heading to a popular tourist site.  That's far from the truth, however, as our journey led us along farms and villages, rich fields of sugar cane, alfalfa, vegetables, bananas and more.  Better yet, we actually saw how the proud people of rural Egypt really live, and we were mesmerized.

I never did quite get over watching people go about their daily duties while riding donkeys down the street or out into their fields.   I never did quite get tired of watching people harvest sugar cane and see the ingenious ways they transported it from their fields.  And I certainly never tired of seeing humanity pass before my eyes - scores of people stopping to wave at us - villages with little more than dried sugar cane roofs with satellite dishes placed precariously atop - or women sweeping dirt from the dirt floors of their was mystical.   A long ride, but who could sleep?  There was simply too much to take in.

Abydos is the site of a temple to Osiris, the god of the dead.  The area was, in Phaoronic times, one of the holiest places in all of Egypt, and people would hope to be buried there when their deaths came.  Tradition held that Osiris' head was buried here, after his brother, Seth, murdered him and strew his mutilated body all over Egypt.  (Nice, huh?)   The temple is replete with beautiful scenes to Iris, along with most of the Pharoahs
and gods of Egypt.  Constructed of limestone, many of the reliefs still hang on to their vivid colors, unlike many of the temples we have seen.   All in all, we're so glad we made the trek today.

Tonight we have arrived at our cruise ship and had a buffet dinner.  The ship is beautiful, and our rooms are quite comortable and larger than what we thought they might be.  We can't wait for the Band to get here tonight - they're due after 11 p.m. following their trip from Asyuit.   We'll have details to share with you tomorrow I hope.  In the meantime, thanks for following us!

No food where we are going today
so Ahmed took us to a Supermarket.
Can you say cheetos and cookies?  :-)

Alfalfa and sugar cane along the Nile

No name hills, but beautiful nonetheless!

Village scene

This little girl ran like crazy to wave as we passed....

Entrance to the Temple of Osiris

Listening attentively to the description of what we were looking at.

The group is in one of the seven chapels.

Street scene here and to follow:

Sunset on the Nile.


  1. Wishing you all a nice cruise! After reading your blog, since the beginning of the trip, I hope you all get at least a few hours to relax! It's -15F in SW Minnesota...soak up those rays!

  2. Thank you again for keeping us updated on the "trip of a lifetime." Your pictures take us there, your stories (and the ones from Meredith) serve to remind us that we are all created the same. I especially found humor in the pic of the grocery store and the little girl running to wave to you. Oh what memories you are creating. You are truly blessed.