Monday, January 24, 2011

Breaking News.....of a fun nature......

Am hoping the title of this post doesn't catch you off-guard, there is NOTHING wrong with any of us, or no worries of any kind.    The "Breaking News" is that we were able to celebrate the 47th Anniversary of some very special people last night at dinner..........Bruce and Mary Boyd.  

After a long day of relaxing (and just a few hours of paying attention to important archeological sites!), we gathered in the Dining Room for a special dinner.    At the end of dinner, a stream of cooks and wait staff came through the Dining Room with a cake and LOTS of pans, drums, and voices........singing (I think) a traditional happy song of long life and such.   It was a riot - and soon all of us were dancing around the room - maybe it was a rhumba?  HA!    Bottom line, it was FUN, and a night we hope the Boyd's will never forget.


There is something special about sunset on the Nile......

"Still crazy after all these years...."

Let the party begin!

Clapping, singing and laughing.....

The guy on the left is about to make us all get up and
get moving!   Look out!

Just like the wedding book.....and
the cake was tasty too!

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