Monday, January 17, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, back to Cairo we go.....

Good afternoon and/or evening, America!

We have re-arrived safely in Cario following three wonderful days in Alexandria.   While loading the buses this morning, I had to take a few photos of the infamous hotel elevators at the Cecil Hotel.....they were fun, fun, fun, and small, small, small!  Endearing to us all, and you can probably see why.

This is a view of the first (Ground Floor) cage of the two elevators.

These two young men look as though they were pulling off a bank heist.  I think I just surprised them. 

Frankly, I just got a kick out of this sign.  Who IS the trained person, you might ask?

We departed our stay at the Sofitel Cecil and headed off to an outdoor visit to the castle-looking building just across the bay from our hotel.   Called "Fort Qaitbey," it was built in the 1400's on the site of the original "Pharoa's Lighthouse" which was one of the Wonders of the Ancient World.  The Lighthouse provided beams of light warning approaching ships of shallow waters and the city of Alexandria and, even though the light was via reflection of candlelight off a reflective surface, ships could see the lights from as far as seventy miles away.   Quite amazing when you think about it!  The Lighthouse, built in the 3rd century BC was destroyed not by Ceasar, but by a series of earthquakes that struck Alexandria around 700 AD.   It is exciting to think that archeologists have been discovering parts of the lighthouse as well as remains of the various sea battles that took place near these shores......many of these items are on display in the museum we saw later in the morning.

She looks pretty happy to see the sea to me...........

See Mom and Dad - we're still happy in Egypt!

I'd like to tell you that no one got too close to the water, or
got HIS jeans wet, but if I told you that, I would be lying.

These are the guys in charge.  Brad, Bruce, and John.
Maybe we could start a band or something.  We sure do have the
dress code down.  

Hassan, one of our tour mgrs
Deanne Syed from Seminars Int'l
Brad from Augustana

We departed the Fort area and headed back into the heart of Alexandria for a tour and visit to the National Museum of Alexandria.   Located in what once was the American Embassy here, it is now chock full of wonderful artifacts (some 1,800 in all) covering the ancient, Greco-Romand and Coptic eras.   Most everything we saw here was found in or near Alexandria, so it made it even more special.  One of the more interesting areas was a display of items found on the ocean floor and the photos of the people who found them.  One could only imagine how a diver feels to locate a nearly perfect statue of someone who lived centuries before!

As we left the Museum to begin our trek back to Cairo, we couldn't help but notice the young people who were waving us good-bye.........

Our three hour drive to Cairo included one planned stop and one unplanned stop.  The unplanned stop was due to a blown out tire on bus 1.........the occupants thereof were split up into the other two buses.   We apologize for those who had to move into the "Friends" bus as they really got a eye as to what they will be like in 30-40 years........ha!  "Do they ALWAYS have this much fun?"   "Yes, they do."  (Thanks Ben Eisle, for telling them that we really ARE having a great time.........!!!)   Note.  Ben is one of Augie's finest - a graduate who has returned to work in the Augie Admission  Office.   Ben also played the French Horn in the Band while at Augie and is playing two roles on this tour.  First, he's sitting in the horn section and adding his musical talents to the group.  Second, he's traveling with the "Friends" group and enjoying the chance to get to know some of our best alumni!   It's nice when he can share the truth with the "kids" about the "old folks in Bus Three!"

Tonight we are in two separate hotels.   We head in two separate directions tomorrow, but our blog will report on both of them!  

Good night from Cairo!

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  1. Hi All, Glad you are all having a wonderful experience traveling in Egypt. I am really enjoying these daily posts. So thanks so much for taking the time to do this, Brad.