Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our "Farewell" dinner and cruise

It's a beautiful night in Cairo - hard to believe that the news from here is actually taking place here.   It's odd, really - people are going about their daily lives, tourists are visiting all the sites, babies are being born and the Muslim call to prayer goes on as scheduled.   Still, you don't see any of that on television back home, do you?
We see the same reports when we walk into our hotel rooms and have to wonder........what are we missing???

Mhd. El Baradei arrived in Cairo today.  It will be interesting to see if his presence either calms the angry mobs OR incites them to be braver in their condemnation of the government.  Time will tell.   We surely can't predict what next week will bring, but we've heard that Friday (after the noon prayers), there will be a rather boistrous demonstration downtown, not too terribly far from where the students are housed.   For that reason, we'll be heading on out of the hotel by noon, and do some visiting/shopping in a new area of Cairo, far away from the action.   (Some of the students are not happy about this - they want to see history unfold!)   As we have a concert tomorrow night, it seems right to get out of the area and then head to the concert site.  By the time we return at  11 pm, everything will be settled down again.   We thank the Tourist Police for helping us coordinate our schedules - they do an amazing job of keeping an eye on us and other foreign groups visiting Egypt.  I thought it would be odd at first, but it becomes pretty normal and the guys are great.

Here are a couple of photos from the dinner and fun that followed.   See, GOOD THINGS happen in Cairo, too!

A whirling dervish performed after dinner.   A "dizzying"
display of talent, that's for sure!

Leave it to Lindsey to give whirling a try.........she
made us proud.......nobody else would try it!

Now THIS is a belly dancer.
She moved parts of her body that many of
us didn't know were moveable.  :-)

The Wings folks presented us with a cake to
celebrate the end of our tour.   Bruce and
Laura Ayres (Pres of the Band) did the
honors of cutting and serving.

Special appearance with a special song
written exclusively for this party by
North Dakotan Verlene Dvorack.  (With
help from her friend (and ours) Ellen.)

Seems I'm crooked here, but the lights were
beautiful tonight along the Nile.

Look!  People are still getting married
in DOES go on!  The entire
Band cheered the couple as they came down
the stairs to the boat........I think the happy couple
was a tad overwhelemed.   

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