Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictures, Pictures and more pictures

Good morning!

Greetings from Sharm El Sheik once again.   After a brief period of sleep, the Friends group was off and running this morning..........the "climbers" departed at 11:00 p.m. and began their climb to the top of Mt Sinai (Moses Mountain) at about 2:00 a.m.    The "slackers" departed the hotel at 6:00 a.m. to begin their three hour drive to the same spot.   If plans went according to plan, we were to meet at St. Katherine's Monastery at the bottom of the mountain.

So that you know, St. Catherine's is at the foot of Mt. Sinai, and the place from which all treks up the mountain begin.  It is the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the world, built in 527 AD.  St. Catherine was one of the most popular saints of early Christianity.

Good news!   We met at the Monastery.   Some were more tired than others!!!   I think it is best to share the day simply with pictures and captions.  Hope you don't mind.    (Keep in mind that we re-join the band tomorrow and will have a long update about their two days away from us then.........unless I can figure out a clever way to get it done sooner.

The Sand and hillsides blend together in a constantly changing landscape
during our three hour drive north to St. Catherine's.

Even during a quick photo stop, the Bedouins are anxious to deal!

Once again, Verlene simply can't say's her camel!

Bedouin camels awaiting their masters

Typical home for the Bedouin who roam the desert.

Mt. Sinai comes into view.   "Our friends are up THERE?"

A boy and his camel should never part.
If he has a cell phone, it's even better.  :-)

We FOUND them, and they MADE IT!  
Meladee, Mary, "Shoulders", Deanne Ben and Nancy.  
Well done you guys........we're proud of you!

At St. Catherine's, this is the "Burning Bush" from which God
instructed Moses to lead his people out of Egypt.

To the left, the bell tower of the Chapel of Transfiguration.  To the
right is the Minaret of the Mosque.   They stand proudly together.

Ellen and Verlene........taking pics of pic takers!

Linda and Dianne enjoy the sun at
the Monastery coffee shop!

You can never get enough pictures of camels.

We were mesmerized by the topography of the Sinai.....these
boulders are HUGE and appear everywhere.

The is the site where Moses, upon returning from the Mountain, saw people
worshipping a gold calf.  He supposedly threw the calf against the cliff here
to break it, and a calf-likeness has been here ever since.   Hope you can make it out!

"We are in the Red Sea!!!"
Linda, Dianne, Meladee, Nancy, Ben, Deanne and Mary

You have to admit this is a cool picture.   It is of some
kind of Red Sea fish, taken through the slats on a dock.

View of the coast from the end of the pier/dock.

                                                       Ben's sunrise shot from the top of Mt. Sinai.   Via Blackberry no less!

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  1. Brad, I'm wondering why there is a fire extinguisher in the picture of the Burning Bush?