Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three days of pictures and the story that goes with them.....

So much has been happening in our world the last three days - I've not had the time to write a "traditional" blog, but have been capturing thoughts and ideas about the protests/demonstrations you all are hearing so much about.    It's time to play catch up, and I think I'll do it simply - through photos.   Hope you don't mind.   Here goes the last three days..............

"Local" Belly Dancer on the ship.  Uh huh.

These guys are strong.  This case weighs 74 pounds!  Plus,
he had one under his arm.  Amazing.

The row of ships.   Quite a sight.

At the "Unfinshed Oblisk" where all Oblisks were quarried.
This one would have been the largest in the world, but it broke as
they tried to remove it.   

Atop the granite hills near Aswan.

How could I resist this shot?  They were all standing together,
looking at the Nile as it flows from the Aswan Dam.  The
colors were astounding!  :-)

Lake Nasser, behind the Aswan High Dam.  This water all
flows from rains in Sudan and south.  

Your blogger and the twins.   The Band Twins.

Hard to tell, but these are police cars ahead of us,
leading us away from the demonstrations upon our
arrival in Cairo.  Traffic was thick as flies.

Police presence is everywhere today....

Bus One at Abdeen Palace!  Trouble?  Where's the trouble?
We had a GREAT day today!

Bus two at Abdeen Palace

Letter to King Farouk from Adolf Hitler
on his accension to the throne

Similar note from Franklin Roosevelt

Everday glasses for the royal class





The "old folks" at Abdeen Palace gardens today.  With
our trusty guides and tour managers.

We all agree we will miss the street scenes of Cairo!

If you don't have a car........make do.................

What will the future hold?   We're
experiencing history, my friends!


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