Saturday, January 8, 2011

We are officially "ready to go!"

The Band completed five days of intensive rehearsals and class sessions yesterday, culminating in a "Farewell Concert" at the Brandon Valley Performing Arts Center Friday evening.   Those in attendance (500+) on a chilly January evening were treated to a wonderful evening.  "How could they pull this off in FOUR days?" was an oft-repeated comment.   There are many highlights in the repertoire, but something tells me that Dr. John Pennington's "Golden Age of the Xylophone" will be an audience favorite.    Pennington is Augustana's percussion instructor and is, himself, an absolute "wizard" on the xylophone.   What he pulls off is nearly unbelievable, yet Dr. Ammann tells me that Pennington would like to take the piece even faster. Faster?  Seriously?  Well,  hang on, Band....your audience won't be able to catch a breath either!  

Kudos to trombone soloist Jason Roseth as well - he performs "Bluebells of Scotland" and does so with technical excellence and class.  Well done, Jason!

Today is our final day to pack - repack - and, in some cases I think, unpack/repack again. "Think light" is hopefully resonating in the minds of the 90 people who make up this adventure.....we'll see tomorrow how they do.......

Perhaps there will be time for an update from New York City tomorrow night.......if not, watch for our next post from Cairo.

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