Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yes, we have safely arrived in Cairo!

It would be less than honest of me to report tonight that we arrived and checked into our respective hotels without incident.  In fact, the Friends group got a chance to see the Riot Police head down a main road and from there forward led by a police car with sirens blaring.  Our forty minute drive turned into almost two hours, but we are fine and happy, safely secluded in our hotel.   We even went to McDonalds.  How bad is that?  :-)

The students arrived at their hotel well before we did - they avoided the protest area - and checked in without difficulty.   I just spoke to their leader on the phone and was told that they actually got to see about 100 young protestors walk by their hotel (the students were all up on the top watching and taking pictures......)  Once the people roared by, the shops reopened and life went on.    Still, at the suggestion of the tourist police, our trusty guides are keeping all the students in the hotel tonight.  I'm sure many parents have already heard about this from their sons and daughters..........All we talk to anticipate that these sorts of things may happen now and then, but should not interrupt what we are doing during our last few days in Egypt.

You'll be happy to know as well that our Tour Managers and Guides are all staying with the students - if there would be any reason to change our itinerary, they will be able to do so immediately.   Again, none of us see that as a remote possibility, but I will never say never.    Bottom line - we are in good hands.  Please, when you watch the news, understand that in a city of 13 million people, there are two square blocks being affected by what you see on the television.   

I hope to share news with you of our last day in Aswan tomorrow........too tired at this point (sorry) and thought it more important to share the current news.

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  1. Thanks for the update. We are a bit on edge here, but trust that you are keeping the group safe.